Shabby Chic Suitcase

Shabby chic luggage and shabby chic white suitcase. Let’s be honest, luggage looks the best when it’s used, and what’s not to like about this shabby chic white suitcase here? It can be used basically any place in your house as a “clin d’oeil”, as they say in French, showing how well travelled you are, all the bruises that come from vintage quality material. Perhaps in the entrance way, with a plant and a key holder on top. Unless you prefer this shabby chic suitase next to your bed, with your vintage radio on top, next to your smartphone. A shabby chic suitcase could also brighten up a bathroom, whilst doubling for a place to put your cleaning material in. And white goes with any type of décor – you can even place some old stickers on this vintage piece of luggage, to highlight your colour scheme. A shabby chic suitcase vintage style is easy to work with.

And a shabby chic suitcase doesn’t take up too much room. I’ve even custom made some pieces of shabby chic luggage into CD or DVD holders, keeping all your CDs or DVDs dust-free, and most important of all, keeping them all in the same handy space, that, whether it’s open or closed, looks great in your living room. Sets are also possible, mix and match, the decision is yours to take.

So go for the shabby chic vintage suitcase look, and you can’t go wrong!