Shabby Chic Dressing Table Mirror

Shabby chic dressing table mirror, we have found a fantastic selection of styles of shabby chic dressing table and oval wall mirrors with French-inspired and vintage style designs. These ornate mirrors are stunning and come in several beautiful colours, including white wash, white, antique cream and gold. Adding a shabby chic dressing table mirror to your room is the perfect way to give it extra character and charm with an option of refreshing white or cream colours for these mirrors.

Each shabby chic mirror is incredibly decorative with fabulous attention to detail. Our beautiful dressing table mirrors are traditional triple folding mirrors which are set in a smooth frame with elegant Resin Design at the top and in the right and left corners of the frame. This gives off a classy and refined look, perfect for any bedroom and particularly suited to standing on top of one of our white or cream dressing tables.

The shape of these dressing table mirrors is incredibly elegant with the focal point being the ornate Resin Design top section of the mirror. What is more, these mirrors come ready assembled so there is no work involved in putting them together. The approximate measurements for the dressing table mirrors are: 84cm Width x 5cm Depth x 60cm Height. A shabby chic mirror like this is ideal for adding light to a room, given the cream and white designs and the three panels of glass in the frame.