The armchairs typifies a front room in many households. Whether you remember sweet childhood memories like Dad reading the newspaper, mother knitting or Grandad sleeping in front of the TV, shabby chic armchairs almost become like one of the family.

High quality shabby chic chairs provide the ideal place for relaxing, reading or watching your favourite TV programme. For comfort and luxury, you can’t beat an armchairs especially when it offers splendid harmony in any room. What could be better than putting your feet up at the end of a long day in an armchair that moulds to your body shape? Eye-catching designs, top of the range upholstery and amazing interior looks are what you can expect from shabby chic armchairs.

The great thing about retro or vintage shabby chic interior furniture is, it never becomes old fashioned, it’s simply timeless. Shabby chic harks back to a classic time in home decor and furnishings. Beautiful pieces of furniture, soft finishes and sturdy wooden structure is what best describes shabby chic chairs. These tasteful items of furniture will look great in your living space adding character and style to your home or office. For a homely, traditional look, there’s nothing quite like a good quality armchair especially in a shabby chic design. As well as living rooms, delightful shabby chic chairs will also look great in your kitchen, bedroom or hallway, in any home. Be inspired with a wonderful selection of colours, styles and designs in the shabby chic furniture range.

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