Shabby Chic Spice Rack

Vintage spice racks and shelves
Creativity has resulted in modification of antiques into beautiful furniture for the kitchen such as unique handmade items for storing bottles of spices. Common vintage shelves and racks for spices include the white wooden spice rack, the shabby chic spice rack, the rustic spice shelf, and the shabby chic spice shelf. Spice racks and shelves come in different shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, consider the uniqueness, size and the various functions that the rack or shelf can serve when purchasing the equipment. They should be reachable, strong enough, and hold the number of spices that you plan to store.
Vintage spice racks and shelves such as old shabby chic spice racks are aged and have signs of wear and tear while new ones are distressed to make them look like antiques. They are cost effective and make use of readily available materials. You can paint them to make them blend with the colours of the kitchen.
Spice racks and shelves enable you to easily access the different well-labelled flavourings that you may need while cooking. You will enjoy cooking when your spices are arranged in a shabby chic spice rack, rustic spice shelf, shabby chic spice shelf, or a white wooden spice rack. There are different vintage furniture and equipment for you to store your spices in an orderly and easily accessible manner. They come in various options and can perfectly fit into your kitchen and enhance its beauty. Go through the variety of racks and shelves and purchase the one that best suits your needs.